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(2084) Engels successfully deployed as a new weapon
(2084) Engels successfully deployed as a new weapon

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(Early 21st Century) The New Internationalist movement

(2013) The Mysteries Within discovered

(2015) New United Nations established

(2017) The rise of a New Frontierism

(2019) Teresa Ashcroft pioneers arcanotechnology

(2023) Simon Yi begins work on D-Engine

(2026) Doctor Golvash Czeny expands on arcanotech research

(2027) Ashcroft Foundation formed

(2030) The first D-Engine

(2031) D-Engine vehicles tested

(2033) The D-Engine goes public

(2034) The Ashcroft Foundation becomes the largest corporation in the world

(2036) The development of the A-Pod

(2039 to 2043) Prometheus Project progress

(2040 to 2043) The first arcanotech mech designed

(2045 to 2051) Atlantis and Prometheus Projects become a reality

(2047) New Cold War begins

(2048) Arcanotech mecha evolve into weapons of war

(2050) The Hermes Project completed

(2051) First mecha war machines deployed

(2052) The Breath of R’lyeh discovered

(2053) A new enemy plots against humanity

(2054) The original Dhohanoids

(2055) Migou steal D-Engine design

(2056) Birth of the Nazzadi

(2056 to 2059) The Migou prepare for war

(2057) Chrysalis Corporation usurped by Children of Chaos

(2058) The exploration space ship Ashcroft disappears

(2059) The First Arcanotech War begins

(2059) The New Earth Government

(2060) The Children of Chaos initiate plans to bring the Old Ones forth

(2062) Ta’ge Fragments transcribed

(2062) Renegade rebellion within the Children of Chaos

(2062) New Earth Government capitol moved to Chicago

(2063) Eldritch Society formed

(2064) The Nazzadi war machine begins to fracture

(2064) The Rite of Sacred Union revealed

(2065) The First Arcanotech War ends 

(2065) The first Tagers

(2066) The Migou prepare to mount a new offensive

(2067) Reconstruction

(2067) The Shadow War begins

(2073) The coming of the Unnamed One

(2074) The Second Arcanotech War

(2074) The Disciples of the Unnamable gather

(2075 to 2077) The Migou invade Earth

(2075) The Children of Chaos renew the search for Cthulhu

(2076) The Esoteric Order of Dagon emerges as a new power 

(2077) The Rapine Storm launches a campaign of terror

(2077) Poseidon Base destroyed

(2078) The Second Arcanotech War ends and the Aeon War begins

(2078) The Migou respond to the Cult threat

(2079) Work begins on the Engel Project

(2080) The Rapine Storm’s purge continues

(2081) The Engel prototype is tested

(2081) The NEG’s containment policy

(2082) Engel Phase II combat field-testing produces destructive results

(2083) A new synthesis and better Engel control

(2084) Engels successfully deployed as a new weapon

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