Much of Simon Yi’s early success was due to consultations with his close friend, Doctor Golvash Czeny. Czeny, a Polish born Freemason and noted expert in quantum theory, worked as a professor at the University of Ingolstadt in Bavaria. Yi’s divorce from sanity left Miskatonic University trustees desperate to find someone capable of carrying on Ashcroft and Yi’s work. Knowing of his familiarity with portions of Yi’s research, the trustees invite Czeny to Arkham to continue the exploration of arcanotechnology. Czeny is well aware of the fate of his predecessors. Understanding the danger involved in tampering with knowledge of this kind, he assembles a research team to divide the project across several sub-sections. He is able to preserve the sanity of each research team member in doing so. Despite this precaution, many members of his staff experience nervous breakdowns, psychotic episodes, and recurring nightmares.

Golvash Czeny and Alice Faye Morgan, of Miskatonic University’s board of trustees, later realize that the scope of arcanotech research would soon outgrow the institution’s ability to support it. They begin work to form a corporation that would carry arcanotech research to a new level. Most of the funding is gathered through private sources, though some comes from government grants coordinated through Teresa Ashcroft’s father, Senator Albert Ashcroft. With Morgan as CEO and Czeny heading R&D, the Ashcroft Foundation, named in honor of Teresa’s pioneering work, is created to lead the world’s next technological revolution.

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