An arcanotech power source originally theorized by Simon Yi in 2023 after taking over Ashcroft's work. Called the Dimensional Engine, or D-Engine for short, this device promised limitless power for Humanity. Unfortunately, like his predecessor, Yi was driven out of his mind by his exploration of these secrets.

Later research continued under Dr. Golvash Czeny, and later the Ashcroft Foundation. In 2030 the first prototype D-Engine is created. “Alpha” testing goes well. However, many of the test staff are injured or killed when a D-Engine prototype malfunctions, causing a “hazardous lifeform” to manifest through an inter-dimensional gate. Despite this setback, the D-Engine is successfully tested as an inexhaustible source of power.

The D-Engine is eventually tested as a primary source of energy for vehicular applications. Strangely, initial tests with D-Engine powered vehicles reveal an interesting side effect for the vehicle operator. The test driver’s focus becomes radically attuned to the physical characteristics and performance capabilities of the vehicle. It’s almost as if the driver can “feel” the vehicle as an extension of his own body. Foundation officials see this side effect to be an unforeseen benefit.

The wonder of the D-Engine is revealed to the world in a massive press conference in 2033. The scientific community balks and decries the new technology, but the strength of the evidence is clear.

Solving the previously unresolved energy source problem, D-Engines are applied to anti-gravity lifters to create the world’s first fully contained antigravity pod system (A-Pods). Prototype vehicles are developed utilizing A-Pods to provide lift and thrust capability.

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