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Ahead of you waits a universe of giant mecha, arcanotechnology, eldritch magic, and unspeakable horrors from beyond time and space. It is our world many years from now. It is the Strange Aeon – the time when the stars have come right to once again release the Old Ones from their prisons outside of our universe. It is the Aeon War, where what remains of Humanity fights a desperate battle against their own extinction. 

Created by Wildfire LLC, CthulhuTech is a hybrid genre, fusing together two separate paradigms. On one hand, it is an anime world of mecha – giant piloted robot war-machines. It’s a world of high adventure, plucky resourcefulness, and the hope that a brighter day is on the horizon. On the other, it’s a world of eldritch horrors, where unknowable things dwell outside the world of man. A place where the gods are horrible creatures with malevolent agendas, unsympathetic to lesser beings such as man – a dark world of shattering revelations and insanity.

This wiki is an effort to organize and present the information relating to Cthulhutech's setting, but will not include any fiction or rules.

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